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    Hello everyone I'm new on the forum, my name is Silver and I'm Italian.

    I'm designing a game for android / ios. the game is based on similar algorithms to the Rubik's cube. the game is in 2D but in touch and slider mode. I would like an example informed capx to figure out how to continue the project. I leave you attached a link for you to understand how it should be.

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    each color has 4 square, there is the time and the record. less moves you make more points you earn.

    It can only be resolved either vertically or horizontally.

    It is either 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 etc ..

    example resolve:

    The mods are going to love you !

    Is this a paid position? If so please post it on the job forums:

    if anyone can help I will be happy and content freely to thank him .. if he wants to realize myself to the capx him will I pay ..


    Stop this immediately.

    This non-stop posting of the same topic is spam and is not allowed.

    This is your only warning. The next step is a temporary ban.

    I am now going to spend the next half hour deleting all of your duplicate posts.

    DO NOT make any more posts whilst I am doing this.

    Also, moving this to Job Offers section, as regardless of whether it is paid or not, it is still a job offer that is being requested.

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    Ok peró vedo che nessuno continua a non rispondere, non capisco perche hai cancellato il messaggio dove spiegavo tutto!!

    Ok peró vedo che nessuno continua a non rispondere

    This is an English forum. Please either post in English or provide an English translation.

    Thank you.


    You just posted this same request in the - now retired - Construct Classic section but still asked for a .capx. Construct Classic, besides being really old and out of date, doesn't make .capx - only Contruct 2 does.

    Please stop posting and wait up to 24 hours for a response before bumping your post.

    if you help me to answer I'll stop

    delete this post!


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