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  • I have never made my own game before. I am not that skilled. However I would like to learn. I would like too start off by piggybacking on someone else work and then changing it. .

       This is the the type of game I would like.

    You are a person.

    You live in a city, in a house.

    Their are some store, and a farm, and a few other houses

    people are walking the street etc.

       You can go to the farm and pick apples and sell them to the store,

    you can buy items at the store. You can try too get hired at the stores if you have the right skill.

    If you meet another char you will have an interaction.

    In your home you can pick up object and throw them down.

    A maid will come over at a certain time too clean up your home.

    The object of the game too get me started.

    Does anyone have anything they have done that is remotely like this that they would be willing to share with me the files too get me going. I will be using the free version.

    Thank you

  • I had a game file I made at one point with some of these things, in Construct Classic, but sadly I no longer have it.

    Is this paid work? That's some pretty complex stuff you want done. It would probably take me hours to do it.

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  • At this time it is not paid work.

  • It sounds easy, but it's going to be a really complex game when you actually do it.

    I suggest you learn the basics of the engine first by following the tutorials on Construct 2, just to get a feel around the engine interface. Then you will have better idea on how to approach your game from there.

  • Is their a Youtube Channel?

    I learn better that way.

  • There's some tutorials from some chap named Construct Dude you could try.

    The best way to learn is to work your way through some of the tutorials, or use the templates (such as Endless Runner) supplied with Construct. It may not be the type of game you want to make to begin with, but what you learn from doing tutorials etc can always be applied elsewhere.

  • You would be struggling to get a game like that to work in 100 events!....

    Maybe a good idea to make a simple game with the basic feel of your grand idea to begin...just to wet your appetite..for the work ahead..

  • marchs

    thats a long wish list.. It would take a long time to achieve so much in a game, then willing to share it..

    there are people willing to share sprites/ graphics etc if you look around on here..

    your ideas are good, why not take a small part at a time and work from there.. asking for help and reading / watching tutorials as you go along..

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