Help! Future Hit Pong Game! Pls Bruh

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  • Hey, it's me again Savaunhax. I need someone to help me finish my game "Glow Pong" I know a lot people are saying "Bruh, it's a forking Pong game, who wants to work on that?" BELIEVE me, this Pong game will be a HIT.

    Anyways, my laptop was COMPLETELY destroyed, so guess what? I CAN'T FINISH making the game as it is too expensive to fix my PC.

    Here's what I need the partner to do:

    *Try to take the lag off of "peer" in multiplayer. And make the multilayer buttons not look default.

    *Scan the game for bugs, such as missing buttons.

    *Add a donate button and/or ads.

    (We can set up a team PayPal account and split all donations/ad revenue so we can use them to help us invest in making more content and getting better stuff.)

    *Post the game on Google Play.

    I have the rights to this game.

    Beta version on Bitballoon... newestglowpong01-sjones.bitballoon .com/

    Email me: savaunhaxamh@Gmail

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