Help to create an application. Please!

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  • Hello.

    Would need someone with knowledge in PHP and MySQL to help me with a project that I can not carry out in any way through the program I use to create app for Firefox OS and I use the SDK Construct 2.

    I want to carry out an application that uses a MySQL database.

    The application would be used for chatting.

    I want each user to register in the application, as well as if it were a website, by registering not only create your data in the database, but it will create a profile and that profile will create a small TagBoard.

    Can anyone help me out with the project and tell me if it possible to do?

    I tried searching Scrpits about this, but found nothing.

    Thank you.

    A greeting.

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  • First: Nothing is impossible :)

    Is it a paid job?

  • First of all, I wanted to report that I'm from Spain, so excuse my English writing, because it is not correct.

    Since you only need help with the start of work, ie someone collaborate and to explain that basis need to start building the project, the application will be later distributed in different app market. As a partner, would have access to a percentage of each sale of the application as well as copyright on it. Collaboration need a person who likes this type of project and is willing to work on it. Of course, we could not use construct two only, we need knowledge of PHP and MySQL to what the application wants to play.

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