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  • Hi guys,

    I think it would be beneficial for people who may interested in paid work, in the various areas they feel skilled in... to have a list of everyone and their skills. I hope this will end up being like a master list of everyone and what they can do.

    If you feel so inclined, leave your preferred method of contact here as well as a list of your skills/abilities and where possible some examples of your work.

    Think of this like, a reverse advertising resume. You list your abilities here, and someone may head hunt you instead of you having to directly apply for the job.

    So here goes me;



    Real Name: Jeff Garrison

    Location: Adelaide, South Australia

    Contact: PM on board, email (also through board), or add me to Skype (jeffrey.garrison79)


    • Artistic ability with a range of traditional mediums as well as digital techniques. Examples available upon request.
    • Website development. See examples, such as: GTDynamix or Monjava Coffee
    • PR and Management skills. Ran a business in major shopping locations with several staff and 3 sites for a three year period. Prior I was working for said business as an assistant. I have Certificates III and IV in Frontline Business Management and Small Business Management.
    • Vast computing skills, as I worked as a software and hardware technician for nearly 15 years.
    • Detailed understanding of business economics and working business models.
    • Somewhat skilled at 3D modelling, however this area I would like to improve.


    • Skilled in most versions of Photoshop
    • HTML5 (websites and games) using Construct 2
    • Windows applications and games, using Construct Classic
    • Vector art in Inkscape
    • Most common products for desktop publishing (Word, Excel, etc)
    • All versions of Windows
    • Countless game engine editing tools such as UnrealEd and HammerEditor (now WorldCraft I believe?)

    I LIKE

    • Working from home
    • Being creative and having creative input
    • Problem solving (logic based)
    • Working with a team
    • Good communication and being organised
    • Getting the job done quickly and correctly


    • Unclear instructions
    • Indecisiveness
    • Inability to follow-through
    • Taking forever to do things
    • Waiting


    I think something like this, would be valuable. :)

    Feel free to modify my "template" to suit what you would like others to know. As you can see I am impatient, but for all the right reasons ;)

    Look forward to seeing what some skills others may possess too!


  • Pixel Palette's Art Thread

    May as well link this here :)


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