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  • Hello Earth People

    Half human half squid here,

    Beings with a full human chip call me by the name Raul Fernandez. I'm a creative music producer from a place you probably haven't set foot on and I'm eager to set tentacles out of, Dominican Republic. We don't have much of your kind here, and by your kind I mean AWESOMENESS MAKERS. That's why, as a half squid on a stranded half island I was forced to try and make contact with you and offer my services. Before I continue in what can be read as a quite annoying or quite amusing message, let yourself be witness to some audiogasmic purity :


    (my soundcloud)


    (my studios soundcloud)


    (official studio website)


    (one of my musical projects)

    Feel free to never wash those ears again!!! : p

    Now as to why I'm here trying to make contact. I own my own submarine, and by submarine I mean my own recording studio. I have been working in the past few years with musicians and artists, but I am trying to get into gaming. Just in case you are wondering, I have worked on short films, local radio and TV ads, as well as some low budget mobile games. So I do have some experience in the field and am well aware of the process, even more importantly, totally capable of delivering in all aspects of it. I am NOT looking for mountains of cash (though I do expect to get paid), I am NOT looking for fame (though I do expect to be credited). But mostly what I'm looking for is an opportunity to showcase what I can do within an area I'm truly passionate about and maybe with this, establish ongoing work with you. HOPE you can help me there.

    If you need any music background, soundscapes, SFX or even voice overs. Take a chance and by that give me one. You won't regret it.


    Raul Fernandez

  • Mr. Squid, my ears shall never be washed again. I'm a sucker for this stuff. I have no cash for you unfortunately, just letting you know I enjoyed it :)

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  • Hi, wondering if you can do Japanese voice overs?

    We do need sounds, fx and game music for our upcoming game.


    Music needs to match cartoony fun style (probably a mix of chiptune + otaku)

    Is there anything similar you've already produced that I can have a tune-in to? :)

    Wondering if you would be interested.

    Let's talk over email? krish at toonheart dot com

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