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  • Hello guys,

    So I'm using my channel as for the Indie Games Trailers.

    But i won't upload every game i get (If i get a lot).

    I'll choose good ones with small audience ...

    Here's a link to my channel : HadZy HayMan

    There was about 550+ subs but some people un-subscribed due to inactivity.

    You'll say how i got 500~ subs ? I did make some videos about Windows XP styling and other things like that.

    So there' simple rules ..

    -You must be the game owner to submit a trailer.

    -There must be a small description.

    -There must be a link to the game's page/website.

    -The game must be good without HUGE number of audience.

    -The game's idea should be unique.

    So .. What's the catch?

    I won't upload every game i get .. I'll choose the worthy.

    For FREE ?

    Well .. My channel is still small so i don't care about 10/10 quality games .. But when it get's bigger there will be a small fee ;D

    Good luck on getting audience for your games.


    HadZy HayMan

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  • Hello guys, Just wanted to show you the first video :

    You can view it here : HERE

    If you want to add yours PM me with the details in the topic.

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