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  • I am a GUI/UI and web design artist. I can also make many types of logos.

    My portfolio can be found below.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Example of some work done in construct.

    Most of those works are old and most new ones are under NDA so cannot show you them at this point. I could show a few extra in private though over a Skype chat or email.

    I use Photoshop, 5 years experience in it. I can also do some basic programming in Construct if needed.

    I work hard and on schedule.

    best way to reach me is by email and Skype.

    Skype ID: Mingerjosh


    You can read my slightly outdated about me on my above listed portfolio site.

    Web design examples soon.

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  • I am free for work again, my rates are great, I work with all budgets. :)

  • Hi there,

    I am eskimojoe on the Unity Forums,

    Lands of Ammox MMO owners and parent company, ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc, was scammed by this PrionGames and he harasses our staff with tort, threats and insults.

    I wish to inform the person PrionGames, I want you to go to his suspended website: which is always constantly suspended as of today. which is always parked for no reason...

    If you go put his address on Google Maps, the location shows a cemetery (who lives there?), you phone-up this guy on his WHOIS phone number, the phone number is invalid, and you are essentially signing a fake contract because his company has been delisted from West Virginia Company Registrar and does not exist on the Dunn and Bradstreet company list. The company does not even respond to BBB (Better Business Bureau) replies against that company.

    Do you want to know why this person was banned from Unity Forums:

    The use of offensive language in any form.

    Trolling or off topic discussions.

    The use of offensive language in any form.

    Discussions on pirated software or illegal activity.

    Abuse, threatening or discriminating behaviour.

    The use of offensive language in any form.

    Abuse, threatening or discriminating behaviour.

    The use of offensive language in any form.

    What did he do to the previous teams? - Keeping a domain name hostage from his previous team.

    After some time, PrionGames was banned from the Unity Forums (you can ask the UnityTech Admins about this).

    He was also banned from the UDK forums for the same reasons (you can ask the EpicGames Admin about this). His posts were deleted from the UDK forums as he started many fights with others, insults and the UDK admins had enough of him.

    The MMO you are helping him to make is illegal in the sense it infringes the elements and aspects of an existing game. Any person with half a brain would know you need to make a totally unique game and not copy elements of an existing game.

    Since that company is delisted, you are dealing with shady aliases who owns a delisted company, non-existent address (company address is invalid), websites are invalid, phone numbers are invalid.

  • eskimojoe

    Hi there,

    Abuse, threatening or discriminating behaviour.

    The use of offensive language in any form.

    I didnt really see him doing anything bad here.

    Hi there,

    Trolling or off topic discussions.

    Trolling? Not that I can see. It seems weird that you went super far out of your way to jack this guy up. Interesting. You also seem to post the SAME POST on every forum thread he starts. Can you leave him alone? He's a cool guy (Know him on Skype).

  • Hi there,

    PrionGames runs a non-existent company, invalid address, invalid phone numbers, invalid websites.

    He only exists on Skype but he scams others for money. You should remove him as he tries to earn your friendship for free work. You should avoid him as he does not pay you.

    Try asking for payment for any work done. Did you ever bother to sign a contract for your work? What happens if you ask to pay up?

    If you do lots of work for PrionGames, and you demand for payment he will remove you from his Skype List as he never pays up.

  • I thought I told you I was going to sue you if you kept deframating me on forums?

    I work with many people on Skype, not one person has been scammed. You need to get a life.

    I know many, many people on Skype, most for years. I have many happy customers.

    You think my company is fake? Really weird seeing as though I have the paperwork for my LLC filed away.

    On top of all your garbage I do not request work from people? I do work for people. So your continuous claims of me scamming and stealing assets is quite petty. Everything I do I do and even screen share the progress when I do it, so get lost.

    You are what 35+ years old? You should know it is highly illegal to banter people for my personal information, causing deframation, harassment, signing contracts using an alias, and using wrongful and unproven information to slander.

    You also persist to stalk me online, I know of about 2-3 privacy acts that I can enforce for my company against for doing so. I would suggest leaving with your tail between your legs.

    LLC Certificate

  • There is no defamation, all is truthful and correct.

    You can very easily login to your Unity3d account but it has been banned. Even your aliases have been banned.

    Sue us, go ahead. I have witnesses who went to your business address and there is nobody of your name there, BBB even tried to contact you. You did not even respond to their letters.

    Do you want to see a picture of your website?

    Let me show it to you.

    Go to Josh's site now: Goes to:


    Your phone number on BBB is invalid phone number.

    Furthermore, your own posts show that you blatantly disregard people's IP rules and laws.

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    Your site suspended all this while...

  • I can do as I please with my site.

  • Your site is always suspended because you never paid for your sites.

    The ISP is waiting for money and decided to suspend your site in lieu of payment.

    Your certificate is invalid because it contains false information. You don't do business at that address. It's fake and nobody by the surname works there.

  • Let me show you BBB contact information and BBB grade:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    PrionGames phone number is invalid, PrionGames does not even respond to BBB, people have trouble even getting their money back from this scammer.

  • You have been reported, and nice spamming. Quit making fake accounts, get a life, and like I said in other topic BBB is for companies that sell a product, I do not sell a product. I also do not pay there yearly fees to be listed. I also do not need a phone number, as I do not get contacted that way. If you knew anything you would know I work through Skype as always. I owe no-one money but I do owe you a nice lawsuit.

  • You do sell SERVICES which is what this thread is about.

    Josh, you get a life and stop scamming others.

    Go ahead Josh, other people will sue you as well, since you operate a game company making an illegal MMO, you do not even bother to reply to the BBB, your phone number listed on BBB is disconnected, the address is invalid.

    What do you call companies that have invalid phone numbers, invalid addresses, invalid websites?

  • I will and do not need to deal with a BBB. I am not paying there membership fees for worthless trash. BBB is a business that gives ratings to people who pay. learn something.

    You seem to be the only person I scammed as I have over 180 contacts on Skype and over 46 happy customers. Seems when you tried to steal money from my Paypal and did not get it as I would have came after you for more.

    Just get a life before your situation gets wore.

    The people I do business with have my contact info as needed, you however are not entitled. To obtain it would also be grounds for arrest, so get lost.

    Get off my thread and leave this forum you cancer.

  • This thread is now locked.

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