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  • .Net developer, C2 Programmer, C2 Plugin tinkerer, looking for Graphic artist / animator / UI Designer. A tall order perhaps.

    1-2 years ago I started a project that I called Jetpack Jimmy (before jetpack joyride became so famous). I spent 3-4 months on it and it was my first C2 project. I was nearly finished and ready for production, when I had a hard drive issue and the file became corrupt and I had no backups. (a mistake you only make once). The first version was written horribly inefficiently so I took some time off for a while and have recently gotten crazy recharged to get Version 2 finished and out the door (a completel rewrite). I would say I'm probably one third of the way done, I've done all of the programming and a lot of the graphic work msyelf, but I would like to focus soley on the programming and tech side, e.g. cloud Hosting, deployment, Api writing, c2 programming.

    I'm looking for a weekend warrior like myself who is willing to go gangbusters on the art side of things, and would be willing to use skype/dropbox. Hoping to find someone who can match the current comic style but add a more professional look to the UI and animations.

    I have a pretty decent monetization plan for the game and will be going to facebook first, and possibly mobile frameworks thereafter, I have quite a bit of experience with cloud hosting on windows azure so I feel I can make the proper adjustments to handle scale if the game gets enough traffic.

    I do own a "Very" small business and would like to work with someone on a contract basis "keep track of your hours" and setup a payment plan that is contingent upon profitability, We can talk in more detail if you are truly interested.

    Here is a quick vid of what the intial game looked like (V1)

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    and here is where V2 currently sits.

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