Graphic artist needed. Partnership or paid.

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  • Howdy,

    I've reached a point that I believe it's time to work on a solid project that's worthy of putting on a market. The main issue is, my art just doesn't hold up anymore. I can program just about anything I want in C2 but the major roadblock for me is making the project presentable, and that's where you come in.

    I'd prefer to join in a partnership and create a game together, with your art and my code and then split the profit "if any". I understand that time is money though and if you'd prefer to be paid up front then I will consider that option as well.

    Please provide some examples of your work, I don't prefer any art style over the next but I think it would be best to show me examples of work relevant to video game art "character design, landscapes and so on".

    If you prefer to be paid rather than join in a team please send me a PM with your price requirements and make sure that price is for royalty free/exclusive rights assets in total.

    Thank you!

  • if your project already exist and needs for art, maybe we can discuss, but if not i can't hold projects from beggining.

    pm me if interrested

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  • HI there,

    Contact me via wildroostergfx(at)gmail(dot)com and i will send you some samples.

    I have affordable rates and can work with your budget.

    Look forward to hearing from you and more about the project,



  • Hello, I would like to show you my work. Maybe you find a bit of value on it. Letorrue(dot)brushd(dot)com

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