Graduate HTML5 game programmer wanted - London

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  • Phonics Hero ( takes children and parents step-by-step through the Get Reading Right synthetic phonics process, online.

    We're looking to remake 500 flash in HTML5 and create another 500 games to finish the platform. We're a small start-up which is looking for a talented graduate to help us give children across the world a great gaming experience. PHP would be bonus as well.

    Company Background

    Synthetic phonics is a teaching method enabling children to learn to read and spell using the 44 phonemes (sounds) of the English language.

    Phonics Hero is targeted at parents and teachers of children aged 4 to 7 learning to read for the first time, as well as children of any age learning to read English as a second-language.

    Launched in Australia and Hong Kong in September 2011, from Q2 2012 we will be world?s largest online synthetic phonics resource.

    Drop me an email with your CV if you're interested.

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  • I'm not sure what you mean when you say "Graduate" since no courses in HTML5 exist yet here in Australia, at least.

    I think most people on these boards will know far more than any "graduate" anyway. There is no better professional than a self-taught hobbyist. :)

    Good luck in finding your man (or woman) ;)


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