Can I get a general Price Quote from a few developers?

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  • Hey everyone!

    I have a game Idea, I have all of the art developed, and I can design a lot more easily. What I dont have is time (or, lets be honest, the drive) to learn to develop it, thats where I need your help! Without going into too much detail, I'll give a basic concept of the game; It is a mobile game (I am not a fan of apple products so I dont care if it goes to iDevices, but I definitely want it on the android market for both phones and tablets). The game will be about balancing an object, while avoiding obstacles and collecting powerups, so the tilt feature of mobile devices will be the most important aspect of the game. it sounds dumb but i think the concept and the art will make it popular.

    Here's some necessary features to the game to help with a price quote:

    *20+ unique levels with parallax backgrounds and various simple animations.

    *50+ different looks for the object (different colors, different shape, patterns ect) and an option for the user to customize the object by selecting what they want to include.

    *Various "power-ups" and "power-downs" (i.e. slow down time (powerup) or speed up time (power down) among others)

    *parallax backgrounds and foregrounds with looping or side to side animations

    *object animation (changes in the image when in different locations)

    *obviously some kind of menu systems

    *ads, and the option to buy it to not have ads

    *other basic mobile game setups

    What would you charge me for this? I'm going to get this finished, and if your price is reasonable, I'll gladly pay you for your work. Also, I do graphic design so if you're looking for graphic help, maybe we can work out a barter or something. Either way, Please let me know if you have any questions or what your rate would be. If you don't want to post here, you're more than welcome to PM me, or email me at (Just put something relevant in the subject like "Construct2 Game Developer" or something.

    I look forward to hearing back from you all, and I appreciate any input you can give! Also, Moderators, if this is in the wrong section I apologize in advance, Please feel free to move it to a more appropriate area.

    Thanks again!

    -Cody (Phraktol) Stearns

  • phraktol

    This should really be posted in the 'Game Development/Job Offers and Team Requests' section.

  • ok my bad, i guess you're right, I tried to rationalize why it wouldnt fit there, but yeah it does belong there, ill delete and repost. Sorry!

    *edit* i dont think I can delete this and I dont want to double post.. If a mod sees this please move it to the appropriate section

  • 99 copper

  • 99 copper

    What does that mean?

  • It was a joke. I mean 99 cents.

  • I'm a software developer myself, and would be very interested in doing a co-operation together. contact me if you like this idea....

  • It was a joke. I mean 99 cents.

    Ahh, I get it lol

    I'm a software developer myself, and would be very interested in doing a co-operation together. contact me if you like this idea....

    I would definitely be interested in discussing it with you, I can't send PMs on the forums here (Not enough rep), Do you use skype? maybe we could chat a bit on there?

  • i sent you a PM

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  • Thanks for all the replies, guys. I've been contacted by a few different people and am discussion options. I'm still interested in seeing what you guys would price a task like this at, if you were to bill outright for it. If there's any more information you'd need to make a proper price quote let me know! Thanks

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