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  • So for this project, our current plan for a way to try to make it profitable is to sell new skins for the characters the player controls. As it is, each moves about with it's own simple music loop, which changes depending on game events.

    What we'd like to do is sell new skins that have their own music loop that corresponds to their appearance. For example, our first "experimental edition" is a blue-brothers looking guy that has a simple bluesy loop.

    What I think would be neat is to have other artists contribute their own skin, following a template and general style, and tying some music loop to that. Of course some percentage of profit and credit for said skin sold would go towards said contributor.

    We still need to experiment more with Cocoon's store (if you have experience with this, I'm all ears) before we know if it's even at all viable, but let me know if this would be something you're interested in.

  • adagar - do you have an example of the art style or music loop?

    i used to do a lot of skinning back in the days of jk2 and sims 2 (and some of 3)

  • Oh yes, of course. I haven't tried sharing multimedia from our site before, so let me know of either of these don't work.

    Art Samples

    Current Track Example

    Current Animations

  • adagar - those look great, i'd definitely be interested in contributing to some skins, are there animation templates as well? i ask since i'm not so good at animating my characters :P

  • Our artist would definitely make on for you. We'd release that once we know for sure the whole thing works, we'd hate to waste anyone's time on a potentially neat feature we can't pull off. Anyone who expresses interest here (I'm counting you in, Wretchedshark) will be the first to know when we get it working. In the meantime we'll be posting a demo of our game to the Scirra Arcade and some other portals this weekend. The final product will be a full game with story progression for iPad/Android tablets.

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  • count me in, if you update this thread when you guys are ready - if you wouldn't mind - could you please tag me with wretchedshark

  • Oh if someone writes your name with an before it, does that alert somehow? I didn't know that. Anyways, you got it, wretchedshark!

  • adagar it does, it puts a notification up top :D

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