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  • Hey Guys & Girls!

    We're Toonheart! and we're trying to build a solid team.

    (And we're not paying salaries or gigs(for now). This is on revenue share(for now). Had to mention it here to avoid wasting your time)

    We're the developers of

    We're looking for multi-taskers, do-it all attitude.

    We're looking for passionate people who love to make games and are willing to team up to create awesome games.

    If you are a game developer, designer, artist, programmer who is

    • probably working solo
    • doesn't limit himself/herself to C2 only and is open to expand skills to other engines or
    • doesn't limit himself/herself to current art skills/tools and wants to learn, improve and create cool stuff,
    • is full time committed to make games / wants to make games full time and
    • wants to team up with us for something awesome, then this is for you.

    If anyone here wants to join up Toonheart and spend some dedicated year/years being the first few awesome people of a gaming startup, then we're offering a 'do-everything-it-takes' for a stake either in the game's profits or the startup.

    Would love to hear from you at <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Are there any projects you are working on right now?

  • Tigrra .. can you mail me up on my work id as mentioned in above post?

    Yeah we have some projects right now. We can talk over skype after we go through some initial discussions about 'team' stuff

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  • krish Your proposal sounds kind of bossy for a free proposal. Member will join if they feel like they can change something , influence the outcome of the hole team. "Spends some dedicated years for". I guess they are plenty of pro out there willing to do it for free, for a team that has only released a game with a modest 6-7K downloads.

    Good luck

  • We are doing 20K over 2 platforms right now (Hoppu is on both BB and Android).

    I'm not trying to be bossy. My tone is a bit clear straight forward thats it.

    Because we've had people who were the type I described we didn't want.

    Cipriux "Your proposal sounds kind of bossy for a free proposal."

    Looks like you missed the essense by a mile

    I'm not asking anyone to do it for free.

    As I understand I'm talking about sweat equity for what they pull together as a team.

    If you're saying people wouldn't want to team up for a new game with guys that have 20K downloads, ... sure yeah, you're right.

    Lot of people want to team up with games that have 10 Million downloads... but guess what, they don't need it.

    I'm looking for people who want to create something that will have 10 mill downloads, not the ones who want to piggyback ride join a team that already has one.

    If that sounds bossy, then fine!

  • UP

  • Update:

    We're looking for 2d Artist/Animator to work on our next awesome project.

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