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  • <font size="4">Welcome! If you've made a game, and you would like to submit it around the web, you've come to the right place. I can post your game, as well as any links you want (websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, ect.) to you in order to get your games and your name on the web. Its a completely free service, because its paid for by ads. I hope to grow my website, with the help of you and your amazing games!


    1. Go to

    2. Go to the development center (has some good information as well).

    3. Press "Submit a Game".

    4. Now, upload your game to the Scirra Arcade

         -Export your project (File, Export) to the Scirra Arcade.

         -Go to the Scirra Arcade, and click upload a game.

         -Follow the instructions.

              -Upload the .zip file you created.

    (Full tutorial -

    5. Once successfully uploaded, go to the link of your game.

    6. Press embed, at the bottom of the screen.

         -Copy the Embed Code.

    7. Now paste the embed code in the correct box in the submit form of my site!

    8. Fill out the rest of the information on the submit screen, and submit it!

    9. If you see the success message, your all done! Have fun on my site!

    NOTE: I have to post all games manually (not instantly)

           -It will take no longer than 3 days to see your game on the site.

           -Most likely 12 hours or less.

           -I will accept other embed codes (not from the Scirra Arcade) but I wont say any on this post since its Scirra's Site


    If you know html coding, and you have any idea how to code any of these questions, please leave them in the comments!

    (I use weebly, but I think i can edit the raw html code)

    Thanks So Much!


    [If you need more information to answer any of these questions, please just let me know!]

       -How can I automatically take the embed code that they submit in a form and (A) create a new page for it, (B) embed the code, there name, and the ads onto the new page, and (C) add it to my list of games.

       -How do I take the Construct 2 HTML file and upload it directly to my site. This would make uploading easier, and they wouldn't have to embed it through the arcade to get to my page. </font>

  • MathandScience

    Scirra arcade has limit on third party plugin so no Iframe and no Leadbolt ads. How do developer monetize with your website ?

  • I'm sorry, but currently, there is no revenue system. I'm trying to make it so I can take the index.html file directly so as to avoid the scirra arcade altogether which would allow for me to do that, but at the moment it isn't possible...

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  • Use, free to use and gives you 30% revenue-share.

  • Can you embed the games from the site? And if I were to embed a game, and someone plays it, does the owner get money from the play?(through game jolt)

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