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  • Hi Guys

    I'm looking to buy some android games that have been built with Construct 2 that i can either give away for free on the android market or sell under my profile. I'm a new developer myself but it would be good to try and get a nice fan base on the android market, so having a decent game/app would be cool.

    If you have a game for sale or in the process of being made then please let me know. I'm after simple but addictive games like Falldown, Munch Time, Animal Memory, Worsearchs, Puzzle Games, Cut The Rope type games or anything you think could either get lots of free downloads or sell really well.

    I can't afford too much for this, so that's why i'm not asking for a top end game, just something that will get downloads.

    Let me know your thoughts and ideas, thanks guys :)

  • fossil1990

    What is your budget range?

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  • If your still looking to buy HTML 5 games, please contact me. I have a portfolio of HTML5 games for sale, all built using Construct 2.

    You can view my portfolio of games at Neoprofessor HTML 5 Games.

  • do you need sound assets? music, sfx or ambient ?

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