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The "Flying bird" game assets. The characters have been created with inspiration from popular mobile games
  • Hello i have a budget of 300 Euros for simple game like flappy bird. Game should work on Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorere, IOS and Android. Instead of the bird should be our hero. When someone gets score more than 0 he shoud be able to save the score on the leaderboard using by puttting nickname and email. Once user save his score, he can only save later only higher using the same email. Example of the game is here but the developer can not handle it to work on all mentioned platforms. If you are interesting in the job and get 300 EUROS send me a post and ill give you graphis

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  • There is a flappy bird demo when you open a new construct 2 project, maybe have a look at that first

  • Can i see the Graphics? Maybe i could improve them for you?

    Email me at wildroostergfx(at)gmail(dot)com

  • well as you can see here: developer has a problem in properly display on internet explorer, iphone. IndieKiwi: i saw demo and its good but i don t have time to create it and alsow don know how to create leader board that will save people results with their nics and on databasa their emails. this game will be a part of my company challenge

  • You do realize that you can not post URLs yet?

    Also that you need a better idea than copying flappy bird, as it already has 1001 copies.

    get a new idea.

  • i know that this a copy, but it is a part of marketing challenge.

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