A Game About "TV" - Need Help on Idea

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  • There is game jam that i want to take part in it, and the main theme is "TV".

    I want to know your ideas about this theme too, so tell me what do u make or what do u design if you wanted to make a game about "TV"?

    What kind of "TV" features are important in your opinion for involving in game story and game mechanics?!

    My idea is about a character from snow screen, i realize what if that snowy things were a separate entities?

    The story goes on about how they lunch from a satellite and goes through different channels.

    They were once together in satellite and help each other to climb up the antenna but after they lunched they go to different channels, some parallel worlds, they go through their own receiver antenna, cables and etc... till they reach the screen, after that i want to show how Medias can control minds and influence on people, some of that snowy things become part of program which change perspective of people to blackness, fear and etc... and some become part of program that lie to people about reality in other type, and people who watch this program have overstated and fake scrumptious and deceiving vision about what is going on and the place they live in.

    The snowy things feel this and think about what they become from and their now separation and how they can change people's mind, and wonder what if the reality is not Black or White, what if it's Gray... something in between.

    Game Genre is Platformer and i want to make it in a Atmospheric way which gives player loneliness experience and make him think, i don't want telling story in game and leave player whit his own experiences and give him a experimental atmosphere.

    there is no enemy in levels and all of challenges will become from puzzle and movement mechanics, like "Thomas Was Alone", "suteF" and etc...

    so, what is your opinion?

    what's your advises? It's my pleasure to hear those...


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  • Make a game where you play in the 3rd person perspective of a gamer who sits on his couch and plays old retro games on his tv. :D

  • your idea is brilliant ; its very clever and thought provoking.. and to be honest I can't add anything to compliment your level of thinking..   

    I think the sounds and colour would play an important part to get the right atmosphere you are looking for..

    I don't know what graphics you would want to show ? to portray loneliness and the conflicting images of tv...

    I look forward to seeing the end result..

  • Could you by any chance, link to this jam? Sounds interesting.

  • :D

  • Tnx, i will right sound and music on my own and something between slow minimal/progressive and even syco genres with some elements of electronic music

    and about the art, i have help of one my friend on it and i think he can handle this part too.

    i will release game in gamejolt.com after jam.

  • actually it's not international, it's just local in our developing center and IranGDI, but as i'm looking forward to apply for UCLA i need some good games in my resume, so take part in every jam to complete my resume :D

  • how's the game going?

  • Your description sounds intriguing and truly original.

    For some reason I imagine the visuals in black and white, with maybe some grain noise and a deeply nostalgic feel.

  • How about a remote game ? Basically there's only boring games that come by on every channel, but there's the promise of one good one, so you have to flip through the 'channels' Wario Wares style and go through them as fast as possible ^^ There's a timer. If it hits zero you fall asleep in front of the tv without having seen anything interesting. You win if you find the interesting game.

  • I agree with nfcribeiro

    I picture an old style TV in black and white with volume and channel dials visible at the edge of the screen...

    This would also fit into the timeline of when TV was a wondrous new technology that would never be imagined to be used as a platform to spread lies and fear...

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