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  • am name hunter games

    my skype daniel hunter (tell me yor skype i will add you)

    my role,level designer ,story,writer ,programmer

    an artist,who can also animate will be needed will be

    a concept artist is needed

    a second programmer will also be wanted

    a advertiser

    and a publisher

    and a project manager needed to be responsible with manage and correct the work

    game name

    The Quaorkz

    a 2d fighter,strategic platformer with at least 199 levels

    the quaorkz are a futuristic race of super human

    modifyed by dorkz.

    to withstand the end......

    they must deal with the after effects zombies and more ,plus a deadly erovirus

    if intrested add me on skype or pm me for further details

    and anyone is welcome to help the more the better

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