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  • Hello,

    I'm looking for a pixel artist/artists interested in making a simple, but in depth game. I'm not interested in puzzles, but I will work on anything as long as you're interested. I can help flesh out stories, and ideas. I have this interest in a top down shooter that's really cool, but has simple graphics. I always thought it would be cool if you could make an old style top down, but have a story as riveting as metal gear. The hero is a circle (holding weapons). Bad guys may also be represented with different color circles.

    It would be cool if the animations and drawings we amazing beyond what they should be, if you know what I mean?

    That's just one idea. I've also been interested in a platform style rpg with story.

    Another game I've thought of is a game like Hacknet. It's time management game taking place at a console. The user has a fresh new profile on freelance network. They take jobs, and complete jobs in time frames, buy upgrades and aps for their computer to unlock missions..

    Anyway these are all just ideas. I really like the top down shooter though.

    I'm also open to all other ideas. Just let me know.

  • Hi Jeremy, here's a game I'm struggling to make:It's a single-tap climbing game. The goal is to climb avoiding obstacles which progressively increase with distance.

    Email me at PublishWASD gmail if interested. Hope to get in touch with you soon!

  • Dammit. Rep req. Can't even post a URL. Sigh...

  • postimg DOT org


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  • You can check my website for portfolio's ect


    Or email me at wildroostergfx@gmail(dot)com


    Wild Rooster GFX

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