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  • Hi there! Currently closed to all projects until the end of July. I have a project underway.

    If you want to work with me, here are my skills:

    • Static art - beginner intermediate (can learn/practice anything I can't already do easily)
    • Animation - beginner
    • Event logic - advanced
    • Project planning and management - intermediate

    Don't not post just because you think your project idea might be dumb. I'm open to having a chat with anyone about projects, programming, art and stuff, so send me a PM.

    Current project: Tili

    Old post:

    I'm looking for people to make a small game with! I am experienced in event logic and am learning to create game art assets.

    You can see my 'portfolio' here.


    We are now a team of three, building a small game with a premise of stealing wealth, surviving and evading the efforts of the authorities to capture you. It is based on a story, linear levels, and fairly simple mechanics. It is due to be released in April, with possible feature updates / expansions thereafter. I am not available, but please do contact me about any questions about event logic or game art. After April I will be open to other projects.



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  • lets make games together! morenoesteban224hsn@gmail.com



    Kind regards


  • Well, i cant pm.

    But i would love to join/start your team.

    I am also mainly into logic but more on the core side as in 'conceptual'

    My personal email is: ziadhoratrvs@gmail.com

    I have a half complete project here if you guys would like to complete that first as the concept is complete?

    Project: goo.gl/VYLEKI (Not the up to date version but.)

    Thank you for considering.

    Zia Mahomed

  • Hi Sumyjkl

    Im new at this Gaming Designing world, so Im looking for some experience.

    I am a game lover.

    I can help with Programmer or anything else you need. I made some unfinished games with Construct 2.

    I am not looking for any payment now. Just experience.

    My personal email:


    Fabio Brilhante

  • I'm fucking amazing here are my games https://eleanorawesome.itch.io/

    This is my main project which i seek help with https://strawberrypunchonline.com/

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