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  • Why would anyone sell a game to you exclusively for 200-400$ when you get 400-500$ for a non-exclusive HTML5 game ?

    Heres some pricing info from True Valhalla html5 book (found in this thread: ... hing-else/ ):

    When a publisher expresses an interest in any of your games you'll need to determine a suitable price to charge for licensing. The minimum fee I currently accept for a non-exclusive license is $400, the most I ever charged was $950, and the average is approximately $550. While I don't offer exclusive licenses to publishers, I would currently charge between $4000-$5000 for one. Rental fees are normally non-negotiable, but $50-$75 per month is an average rate.

    You can (and should) set different prices for different publishers. Charge large companies more, especially if they're based in Europe. A quick Google search can give you with an idea of how well financed a company is, and where they are situated. Use this information to determine a suitable value for your work. Negotiating a fee requires good judgement. With some experimentation, you'll be able to determine a publisher's range, and charge accordingly.

    HTML5 games are currently worth a lot of money - keep it that way by maintaining high prices for quality content. Sometimes it is worth throwing away a sale in order to protect future business. I could sell my games for $150-$300 per non-exclusive license to some publishers, but for the sake of maintaining the value of HTML5 games I do not. Only accept a fair price, and do not settle for less than what your content is worth.

  • Good point edited the price

  • The updated price (500-800 usd) might cover the art cost for a small game.

  • Thank you for your input

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