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  • Hi Again Dev people,

    Hope you are doing great,

    I wanted to say that i'm available, again, to do some freelance work, and that i'm offering my services at very cheap prices,

    If you ever want custom pixel art graphics to build up a prototype or a full game, I will be glad to provide you with what you need,

    You can contact me via mail: rachidlansari(at)gmail(dot)com

    or send me a message on this exact same thread

    For those who wants to follow me on twitter, I have an account there:

    Concerning people whom are interested in buying gfx packs:

    on scirra store: www(dot)scirra(dot)com/store/sellers/lansari-rachid-294

    on gdm: www(dot)gamedevmarket(dot)net/member/fassous/

    Wishing you the best of luck guys

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