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  • I posted this in a different area and the moderator suggest I post it here:

    I want to create a list of Construct developers interested in helping beginning (and experienced I suppose) game developers on an "issue by issue" (or full game dev support). I teach game development classes, workshops, etc and many times participants are looking for streamlined real-world help, beyond the forums - especially as they go beyond the workshops and are on their own. In most cases they will need a quick C3P file with code and primitive assets that demonstrate the VERY specific (not full gaming solution) solutions they are after. This would be PAID assistance (hourly, case by case, etc.) and not expected to be free.

    If not, feel free to post contact info in here or send directly to me at dave[a] (if acceptable by the forum monitors) - I will compile the list and make it publicly available.

    NOTE: I have experienced many students who feel lost or intimidated by the answers they receive in the forums. Keep in mind, many beginners need real samples or complete "issue" solutions, not simply advanced concepts and snippets with the expectation or assumption that they can implement as an experienced or advanced programmer would. I am not referring to complete templated solutions rather concepts that they original conceive, but can not get over the hump.

    When posted in the GENERAL area, I received teaching philosophy opinions - I am not looking for this. I simply want to create a very simple site that displays a list of developers (w contact) who are willing to help solve specific issues with C3P file samples and they in turn get paid a modest fee. I will be determining the details of the payment structure and amounts and send all who are interested the details. It will be opt-in and you wont be hounded with emails.

    For the record, I did a search in Upwork and received "zero" results.

  • I think it's a good idea and I would add some filters to the kind of assistance that can be done.

    For example you can have this options that a tutor at any time can enable or disable according to their skill or free time:

    - C2 developer

    - C3 developer

    - Desktop games

    - Mobile games

    - Browser games

    - 2d art

    - 3d art (in Construct can be used with pre-rendered images)

    - SFX

    - Music

    - Game Design

    - Level Design

    I would also add a list of expertise in specific games:

    - Platformer

    - RPG

    - Fighting games (Player vs Player)

    - Beat 'em ups

    - Shoot 'em ups


    Definitely interested on the idea.

    The price could be a thing to think well about. Letting the developer choose a fee or have a common standard for everyone has their pro and cons in both cases.

  • Hi David,

    I feel that my skills and experience on construct development are a great fit for this position. Please feel free to contact me to arrange an interview. I look forward to learning more about this opportunity.

    Can you please reach me at below mentioned details. I will share more details of mine over an email.

    Skype: cisin.karen

    Em-ail :

    Reply Awaited.



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  • Once I get the bones of the site set up, I will reply back... dM

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