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  • It seems I need to generate rep before I can post links. So I apologize for not making this easy for you to review my portfolio.

    What would have gone here next was.

    My full website:: ((the url I wish I could post))

    My DA gallery for you to quickly assess my art skill:: ((Just to make things convenient for you url))

    As well as a filtered portfolio of things I've done for mobile games and similar:: ((Resume url))

    But as the thread's subject title suggests, I am available to provide in game assets, concept art, and animations, as well as promotional material for your game. You want an awesome facebook banner for your front page? Cool, can do. You want a poster for your booth at some indie con? Gotcha covered.

    My aim is to provide art in your choice of style to fit your game's vision. The ability to adapt to a variety of projects and aesthetics is just how the business works, and I'm always willing to give an honest assessment of what I am interested in or capable of. Considering I've only been in the industry for a year now, I am very open to anything new and challenging you may have.

    Thanks for reading, and if you're interested. You can PM me here, or email me at:: ((Link to come someday))

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  • At least I can link images. Which I guess is okay.

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