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  • Hi,

    My name is Jan Glembotzki.

    For the last 10 years I've been working as a film composer, and I have provided music for documentaries, feature films, musicals and organizations/companies such as Sony, PETA, and The National Geographic.

    On ****** I do offer a constantly growing collection of free music meant to be used in your non-commercial projects.

    Being a veteran roleplayer, I always wanted to provide music for a computer game, and ****** is meant to give an impression of my skills.

    In case you like what you hear (and if you want to use my music in a commercial context): Hire me and get some first class music tailored to your needs.

    Though the tracks are more on the Fantasy side, I plan to start a new collection soon, then focussing on Sci Fi/action.

    Feedback is very much appreciated.

    Best regards


  • THANK YOU! Great quality I mus say!

    I'm glad we can use it for free!

    I will credit you whenever I put it in a construct 2 game

  • Thanks man, glad you like it.

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  • Whats your going rate for music may i ask? i am in need of some fast paced sound tracks to use for boss battles.

    i ask because i was hoping to make a profit out of my work although i doubt ill be able too.

  • Hi AngelRave,

    My rates for original music really depend on many factors, such as the overall budget available, the size of the project, the level of skill involved and, of course, the question whether the project is of a kind that probably will attract a large audience.

    What you're working on at the moment?

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