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  • New to construct2 looking to build up my portfolio for graphic design work. I can do a few graphics for some games. I have experience making pixel art and and even working on isometric pixel art for some fancy designs.

    But since my time is limited I'll only be able to do a few things, don't ask me to build you your graphical RPG world from scratch with 100s of animations for each character and bosses, don't have the time and I'm trying to get my own games off the ground too (one that is a RPG).

    So if you need some graphics, text, or sprites for some projects let me know. I'll only take a few requests at a time since I only really have Mondays off to really do this, and I would like to help as many people as I can with different looks so I can learn as many different styles.

    Send me a PM

    If I don't get a hold of you right away its more than likely I'm working, also I live in the USA so if your overseas we will have different timezones.

  • Hi, a have a job for you. This is a simple sprite poses for RPG Maker XP. (Sorry for y spelling, i'm french)

    My email: z.skaaz[AT]gmail.com

  • Do you think you could draw up something for me?

    I would like a sideview sprite of a person, but drawn super simple and in one solid color? Maybe draw a walking animation and a jumping animation? The size I'm going for would be 16x16 pixels.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this =)

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  • hi im not able to pm as i dont have reputation but im looking for an artist to hook me up with 3 simple monsters, can you pm me your mail id so im able to contact you directly

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