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  • Hey guys,

    I have been looking in to C2 and have just started using it, I made my first game the other day and have got to say I like C2.

    I am also building a Graphics Portfolio and need to get some examples of my work in there, so I am willing to do some free Graphic Designs for your games.

    Just post below what you need, I'll do menus, buttons, sprites, backgrounds, objects, whatever you need.

  • Hello Phillip,

    I was wondering if you could make me frames of the side view of a guy running. So like 3 or 4 if possible. That would be really helpful but if not oh well. PM me with the images if you get the chance. Cheers!


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  • Hello! i was curious if you could touch up my already made items for my games UI as well as my buttons for the main menu. if you'd like i could at least credit you! or whatever you like really.

  • Hey Phillip, I been looking for someone to help create some graphics for a game I am creating. I been using random place holds for now, but I would love to see what you could do. Maybe we can chat about it some more in a PM?

  • I have many projects that need artwork right now.

    can you link some references to your artstyle to see if you could fit any particular project?

  • I can also help in artistic part as platform games and drawing objects. But I have no free time for long projects.

  • Hi Phil, im also interested in some simple animation graphics (ios games), how I can contact you? can I see your portfolio if your style fits my games?

  • If you are still up for graphic design do let me know I need some and give you credit as well in my project.

  • Do you do Sprite/ Pixel art?

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