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  • Hello,

    My name is Nathaniel Falcon, and I am an illustrator with a lifetime of art training under my belt. I am loving Construct 2 and am slowly picking my way through making a game of my own, but my real love lies in making sprites and assets. I am looking for projects to collaborate on. I am mainly trying my hand at pixel art right now, but I am wanting to expand into vector based art and beyond. I have a flexible schedule and access to photoshop, as well as my own tablet. I

    My portfolio is available here: imgur.com/a/2Sz92

    Please email me at crescentsuncreationscun@gmail.com if you have any further questions or concerns.

    I look forward to seeing what we can create together!

  • Hey! I'm developing two games at the moment, and could certainly use some art other than my own, as I'm been very busy with my work. If youre interested, email me,

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  • Can you help me with the sprites in my Yandere Simulator fangame? I need sprites that they´re essencials,and i´m a completely noob drawing them.

  • That depends on the kind of sprites you need. Please email me at the address above to discuss this further.

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