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  • Hey all, I am trying to get into writing music for games. All my life I?ve been obsessed with music and gaming making it a no brainer to combine the two into something more than an hobby. My inspirations are the likes of Zelda, Monkey Island, Sonic, Mario (List keeps going)

    From studying music I have gained a lot of experience composing, producing and editing audio, all of which I can assist you with for free. So if you require music composition for your up and coming game/mod or have audio that needs maintenance or a clean up don?t hesitate for a second to give me a shout.

    So please visit my site in your interested in collaborating

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  • Hey Monkey, I checked the website but none of the tracks wanted show themselves in the music section.

    Was able to listen to a couple on you tube though (and will return in the future as you add more!). Keep up the good work, I think you have a lot of potential.

  • Using Chrome, the website worked for me. I thought Kazuko Island had an engaging exploration/fantasy feel to it.

  • Thanks for the kind comments!

    Genga are you using internet explorer?

    If so I have been told that for some reason the tracks aren't working on the site with this web browser, trying to solve this problem!

  • Ahh ok yeah I was. That is weird. At least you have the extra links there in case.

    Keep up the good work!

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