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  • Hey all!

    We're Cat in a Hat Studios(not yet registered) and we're looking for a couple of members to expand our team. These are currently non-paid positions, but will be offered a % of revenue after the release of the game as well as opportunities in future collaborations with CiaHStudios. Furthermore, this is not a full-time project but it is one we all see as a priority, thus we expect rapid pacing(weekly progress deadlines).

    (UPDATED)Current team members

    Goncalo "Tibs" Tiberio - Founder, Writer, Game Director

    Afonso Faria - Lore&Context Developer

    Hugo Rodrigues - Content Designer + Level Designer

    Arphalia - Composer and Sound Engineer

    Ethem Acar - C2 Expert

    Prissille - C2 Expert

    Joao Berga - 2D Character Artist + Animator

    Rafael Soares - 2D Character Artist + Animator

    Renato Caria - 2D Concept and Asset Artist + Animator

    Filipe Pinto - 2D Level and Asset Artist + Animator

    Development Stage

    Currently, we're starting to animate some characters and a section of our first level to show off in some alpha footage. We're looking to build up to a campaign with Indiegogo which will hopefully finance further needs.

    We're aiming for retail-based distribution through various platforms, such as Steam and Desura. Also aiming for the following target systems: PC, MAC, with possible Android Port.

    About the game

    2D story-driven fast-action-paced, puzzle-solving side-scroller with platformer elements, in black and white tones.

    Color Chronicles: Faded World Episode is the first episode of a High-Fantasy world boasting over 2000 years of lore. We're looking to tell a great story and give an experience, and possibly expand on it down the line. The lore is specific to this one world, but the Color Chronicles is set in a sci-fi Universe, giving us the opportunity to go in whatever genre direction we want.

    We've also started planning the Indiegogo campaign, with various elements of it being intertwined with how expansive our lore is(and may become). This has something to do with our under-development Perks Program.

    Everything about the game is currently under heavy-development, but you can check our website(own domain soon) for details we've released about the game so far(The project page will be receiving a revamp in the coming days with new material):

    catinahatstudios(dot)wix(dot)com /home

    Some Artwork:

    What we need from you

    We're looking for:

    • Asset Designer(Artist + Animator), tasked mainly with Level-oriented assets design.

    If interested, leave a reply below and we'll contact you privately

  • I am interested in your offer

    I am an expert at construct 2 and can help.

    If you accept me as your partner send me an email at "fathybashagames at gmail dot com"

  • Excellent, contacted.

    Currently still looking for candidates.

  • Hi, I'm interested too.

    I'm a french developper and work at home. I'll be happy to help.

    I'm working with construct since few month.

    I did some games you can see (I'm only Programmer, no graphics ) :




    And the last game I'm working on : http://pixelretro.hebergratuit.net/test/ae2/

    Arrow keys and "C" to swap player.

    PM me if I can help.

  • Will contact you shortly, thanks for the reply

  • Hey Dub, gonna need a contact method, since C2 forums has a minimum of rep to send PM'S. Perhaps an email?

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  • ok

    you can contact me : prissille at pixelretro dot com

  • mail sent Dub

  • Looking especially for 2D Asset Designers able to design and animate level oriented assets.

  • Okay, currently looking only for a 2D asset designer to speed up the design process! We've got everything else set already

  • just an update

    Some concepts

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