Facebook Login for Cordova/Phonegap

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  • I have exhausted all avenues trying to find a plugin that can allow Facebook login for mobile devices. I have purchased a few plugins and they all render errors whenever I try to export from C2 via cordova and upload to phonegap. Does anyone have a customized plugin that I can purchase? Please PM me. I am desperate

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  • Hi Emac,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I have checked the requirement and I can easily accomplish the mentioned task at minimum cost, You can inbox me on

    I’ll be delighted to receive your reply mail!

    Best Regards,

    Gabriel Albert

  • Hello Mac,

    I have checked your post detail and can help you to deliver current expectation

    Let me know your available time will do my best to accommodate

    We can discuss further on email

    Please let me know your interest

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Emac,

    Thanks for your reply. As I am unable to PM you so I am posting it here.

    Yes, can easily develop such plugin for you and can surely help you out with this. I would like you to please add me on Sk-y-pe :- so that we can have a brief discussion.

    Waiting for your quick reply

    Best Regards

    Gabriel ALbert

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