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  • Howdy--

    Am starting to make pre-sales contact with potential sponsors and publishers about getting some C-2 projects funded && want to find some expert level help. I got out of Flash and Action Script all together and am 100% into Construct2 as a development platform now.

    I have a few demos to see on my website at:

    "" &&

    I have a facebook app i built from scratch in C-2 here:


    -- but, am not going to worry about "what are some of the features, graphics, plot, etc., etc. of your game ??"-- but need to develop a working relationship with some experts in the back-end part of C-2 for the projects that these folks want to purchase. I am basically sure that they do not want to pay for what I want to make-- but, want to pay for what they want made or what is closest to what they want. I feel that I need to focus on what they want if I want to sell to them. But, once that is done-- I need to be able to deliver the goods as promised.

    I am able to do a fair split on work or, can pay in cash on a case by case basis. Need to decide and agree and write it up up-front, and hopefully there will be some work for us over a couple of 5 year business cycles. I am thrilled with Construct2 and can't say enough good things about it-- it is a tremendous competitive advantage for some folks who want to get their act together. Most important is to find decent, professional acting, expert people better than i and more experienced to work with me as trouble shooters. I am trying to set this up BEFORE i write up a commitment with the Suits in the Marketing Dept.'s so's i don't get caught up in all the problems of selling something i cannot deliver.

    I would like to make delivery on 3 to 5 game sponsored titles by this Christmas and am moving in that direction.

    I would be grateful for any help, recommendations, or reply at all && thanks.

    kind regards, mark-p.


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  • Hey Mark,

    We could help you in prototyping and development of C2 games.

    Let's discuss. Will send you a mail.

    "Our Services"

  • Thanks so much to those who have replied && i am grateful.

    kind regards, mark-p.

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  • Hey-- thanks. App is not going to be all that much fun if it spits out the exact same numbers over and over-- Eh ?? Actually those numbers may possibly be even a little more lucky than that-- who can say ?? Accurate ?? I don't know anything about that. Might want to ask Derren Brown about that one, Old Chap. Good Luck && Enjoy.

    kind regards, mark-p. :)

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