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  • We are in look out for developing new projects on C2 where we can partner together ( you pay me on a fixed price basis / hourly basis or share profits., we can come to an agreement)...You can take a look at the projects developed so far at

  • Hi kmsravindra,

    Please let me know of anybody interested. See the "Game Developer contract-position available" in this forum.


  • Hi kmsravindra,

    Sent you an email to the support address listed on your site (couldn't reply to your PM).


  • Thanks. I will respond.

  • I feel we might make a great team to develop an idea. I'm a professional animator/artist and have been for over 10 years. I'm looking to form a partnership with someone who brings an equal amount of expertise. After reviewing your website I decided I reach out to you as my project seems like a perfect fit for you. Lets talk.

  • That's great. Could you please share your website details or any other works?

  • sure is there a way I can pm you?

  • Just sent you a pm. You can click on my icon and there you can find a link to pm me. Otherwise I can be reached on



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  • kmsravindra just completed the first phase of a project of mine listed here:

    He was awesome! Easy to work with, great communication, and top notch coding skills.

  • kmsravindra just finished a project which was completed much faster than I had expected, for exactly the price I was quoted and the logic which kmsravindra implemented made my app better than I imagined.

    I will use kmsravindra again because he is the best of the best!



  • bump...

  • I am available to work for money if anyone is interested...You can see the links about my portfolio/apps in the previous messages and the projects feedback from the clients...I have picked up experience on multiplayer as well....Anyone interested can PM me or mail me at .

  • I don't have 500 rep yet but I am very interested in fact just yesterday I was looking into some issues I am having with multiplayer

  • Sure You can send me a mail at Hope I will be able to help with your issue...Thanks!

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