Experienced Soundtrack Composer (Multiple Genres)

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  • Hey there! My name is Juan I. Goncebat, and I'm an experienced videogame soundtrack composer.

    I'm skilled in multiple genres, including (but not limited to) orchestral music, piano music, acoustic music, 8-bit music, electronic music, ethnic music, among many other genres. I offer full-time dedication, professionalism and good communication, high-quality results, and flexible prices depending on your budget.

    You can listen to my portfolio here: juaniyen.wordpress.com/about

    Everything's organized by genre and mood/idea, so it's easy to navigate through.

    Anyway! If you want to talk, don't hesitate about contacting me at [ juaniyenaele@gmail.com ], or through my website [ https://juaniyen.wordpress.com/contact/ ].

    Thank you for your time, and have a great day!

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