Experienced Rockstar Developer needed [Urgent]

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  • Hi, I need an experienced developer who can fix problems and create in fast pace. You'll be given jobs frequently such as creating prototype, or cloning from scratch. You'll be getting a decent amount of money by developing those games for us. Please take a look at the game and see if you can clone it exactly according to our demand or not.

    1.http://www.mindjolt.com/word-chaos.html (Word puzzle game)

    2. youtube.com/watch (Stickman forest clone)

    If you're interested please e-mail me or send me a message over skype.

    E-mail: Aatroxtwist2015zgh@gmail.com

    Skype: Jayed Hasan Tomal.

    Thank you.

  • Rockstar dev to clone other dev's games?

    Seems legit.

  • Probably need a plug to get a good vertlet rope implementation.

  • digitalsoapbox we need fast workers to clone or create something from his own. But it has to be fast. That's why I asked for rockstar dev.

    newt you think you can make the "stickman forest swing" clone?

  • I already have something similiar:

    https://www.scirra.com/store/royalty-fr ... ey-ninja-4

    Its with a just a pendulum, and no vertlet.

  • newt so, you think you can make it?

  • Something that will run on just about every platform, without the vertlet rope, and ragdoll physics?


  • Hasan

    Remember me?

    I worked for 1 month on your project and you still didn't pay me like we agreed. You blocked me from Skype, you deleted the shared files on dropbox and now you don't even answering my emails

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  • Cipriux Really ?

  • rafay123 Yes. By the time I finished almost the entire project he paid the first half of the project since he was also working for another client that paid him with a delay, which created another delay for my payment. I bought the story and kept on working by trust alone. When the project was finished and he and the bigger client where happy and project was approved he said: You know what? Lets start another small project because I wanna work with you for a long time, so just keep on working and I said, sure, but first let's finish with the first one and I will start the 2nd when I get paid entirely for the first one. He said "sure buddy, fair enough". Next day I was blocked on skype, facebook, he didn't answer my emails.

    So from my 5 years experience working as a freelancer: USE A MEDIATION SERVICE like UpWork, Freelancer that will guarantee your payment.

    Don't trust anyone on internet and especially don't send money to Nigerian princes ))

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