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  • I am in need of an artist who will work for free (expanding his portfolio). If this game gets published and starts generating an income I will pay this artist for his work.

    I am making a top-down space game sim with a handful of features and interesting gameplay. I need some artwork for:

    • Ships
    • Nebulas
    • Stations
    • Lasers/guns
    • Thrusters
    • Explosions
    • UI maybe?
    • And anything else in this regard

    So far I have made a ship myself that works as a placeholder in my project. Currently what you can do in my game is fly around a square space area(trying to figure out how to make space endless) with blinking stars in the distance and bad nebula artwork barely showing in the darkness of deep space. As you fly around you will find asteroids that you can mine some ore out of and also enemy ships can be encountered and will fire and chase you as you get too close. The current UI shows health, fuel, credits, speed and cargo but the artwork is not ideal and probably needs to be replaced.

    I feel like this game can become pretty big and interesting so if you feel like becoming a part of this journey with me feel free to send me an email at :

    I might need some C2 expert programmers help too for problem solving and solution providing in this case feel free to send me an email aswell.

    Keep in mind that this is free work as I do not have any funding for this project yet but in case the game starts generating an income i will pay those who helped making this game a reality.

    Thanks to all of you and have a great day.

    Best regards


  • Here is a video of what the game is like at the moment.

  • Hi Waranders, how did u make the blinking stars in your game?

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