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  • Hello all,

    I posted a while back about starting a new app studio. While it has taken a little more time (due to my studies) than I wanted, everything is up and running. I have created three apps through empoweringstudios (2 of them are on all three platforms* ios, Android, Microsoft)

    The apps can be accessed here (remove the space between 'https' '://')

    https ://

    https ://

    https ://

    I am quite passionate in app development, and have a short and long term strategic plan to increase the revenue and market share of the apps empowering studio creates (which I will share with any partner/s)

    I am looking for a competent graphics developer who has the time to do anything graphics related and is interested in forming a partnership. If you are interested, please attach or send a link with some of your work.

    A synopsis about Empowering Studios: Empowering Studios creates interactive apps that cover any educational level and topic. So far three apps have been created, an app for autistic children to help them communicate and learn simple ideas. An app that teaches children about the reef ecosystem in a fun, interactive way. That allows kids to learn complicated ideas in biology and ecology while they are having fun. Lastly, an app that teaches children about the water cycle and other issues surrounding water use.

    All apps are narrated so children will be able easily to understand the topics that are being covered.

    Interactive games are the future of education if you are interested in forming a partnership please PM me or email at:

    empoweringstudiosfeq@gmail .com

    Note: If you are not a graphics designer, but are interested in joining EmpoweringStudios, I am looking for people who have other skills as well (such as UI design, sound engineering) however, I am not currently interested in any programmers.

    *ios apps are currently being reviewed by Apple

  • I am Founder and CEO of Apox Designs. empoweringstudio you can view my somewhat up to date gallery here. How much are you expecting to make and how many hours are you expecting to be put toward the team? Also how serious are you about this? I would like you to fix your provided links so I can see what you have done.

  • Inc, your work is great, you are very talented!

    The level of commitment is minimal, I am in the process of creating an app all about chemistry and it does not require a lot of graphics, I am just terrible at graphics. I am very serious about educational apps, I have found two entire large market niches that are currently uncatered too. I am just waiting for Apple to approve my apps then I will spend a lot of time advertising and marketing apps made by EmpoweringStudios. I have already sampled the targetted markets, and they are very excited.

    As mentioned previously, I have a short-term and long-term strategy and I am 110% serious about EmpoweringStudios. I am currently studying my Masters in IT (a specialisation in IT management), which has given me the knowledge and understanding to make a successful studio.

    The links are working, there is just a space between the 'https' and the '://...." remove the space and the links work fine.

    I have sent you a PM at appoxdesigns.



  • You have much more work to do on your own before you start a studio Even with the knowledge and understanding you will get no where without recognition. People look for a more established plan also. I recommend starting something non profit and collaberating with a few people before you do your own thing. At least to get your name out there.

    Thanks for complimenting the work though. Good luck.

  • , thanks for the advice. I find many teams and developers on Construct 2 will have to wade through the huge amount of apps that have already been created. They have set up twitter accounts, work hard in PR and get some sort of name for themselves. As a lot of people make apps like fantasy, strategy, platformers etc.

    On the other hand, my apps are educational, I am also studying teaching, and have experienced teachers aiding me in creating apps that cater to the Australian curriculum(these apps are can be used for any curriculum). These apps are simulators, interactive apps that guide students into easily understanding topics such as the water cycle. These apps are also narrated, which means that parents or teachers can use this (and have used this) in their classrooms or at home without having to explain to their children how the apps work.

    While you are right, that I have to market and advertise more, in all honesty, I am one of the only studios that are catering towards educational apps. Huge markets want educational apps, homeschools, parents and teachers. I am not interested in making the next angry birds or the next candy crush. I am interested in creating apps that are highly educational and have a huge level of profitability. I have tested the market already and many teachers, homeschools, parents are interested in apps that are purely educational.

    This gives EmpoweringStudios the advantage of not having to fight over the saturated markets, but gives me a free run to advertise to my intended markets.

    The connections I have with schools and teachers, gives me the unique opportunity to design apps that are catered towards the curriculum, almost having my Masters in IT management means that I am realistic in the goals I have.

    I want to make a team due to the fact that no one has targetted the markets I have. I am looking for people who can see that educational apps are the future of education, and the earlier a team is created the more apps we can market and advertise before the educational category becomes oversaturated.

    For anyone interested, these are the apps I am making:

    *Basic Chemistry



    *Insect simulator (from an Ant's perspective)

    *Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

    Please PM me if you are interested, or send an email to empoweringstudiosuam@gmail .com (there is a space between 'gmail' '.com')

    Thanks .

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  • empoweringstudio Funnily enough this is an idea I was considering when my teaching degree is up, . I thought I'd post to you here since I don't think you can respond to PMs due to your forum reputation level.

    I'll be starting a Bachelor in Primary Education in 2015 should I be accepted, having left I.T after 5 years to do something more meaningful and not sitting down behind a screen all day. I'm in Brisbane, Queensland, so the Australian curriculum was my ideal target as well, ha ha. I've worked in Web Design and Development for the past 5 years as a front-end designer (making interactive diagrams, quizzes and other activities, also some UI work) for an online course provider (look up Techniworks on Google), and have strong literacy ability as well as technical writing skills. On the visual front, I have a strong Adobe Photoshop ability and understanding of kinesthetic learning; I'm also a 'do-er' myself, . I also know a decent amount of C2 functionality as I've been making my own full-length game for a month or so now.

    Since you're quite happy to share the profits as mentioned in your OP, I don't see why we should both pursue the same idea alone, when a partnership could be twice as productive and potentially more profitable. Feel free to e-mail me (remove underscores) at inquiesco_uam@_jadelightstudio._com to discuss things in more detail.

  • inquiesco great to see another Australian developer! I am actually going to be somewhat close (3 three hours away from Brisbane) so that will allow us to be able to work and meet in person. I sent you a PM that discusses further a partnership between Jadelight Studio and EmpoweringStudios.

    If anyone else is interested in partnering with EmpoweringStudios, this is an exciting opportunity to become a part/partner with an innovative, fresh studio.

  • Just an update the next app EmpoweringStudios is making is 'Chemistry 4 kids'. This app will teach kids all about basic Chemistry, from atoms to neutrons.

    The app content has been reviewed by several teaches and they have approved of the content and the pace of the app.

    Here is a link to first alpha build of the app (remove the space between 'https:' '//de...':The alpha build currently consists of three levels (which will be narrated in the near future).

    https: //

    Level 1: Teaching kids that everything is made of atoms

    Level 2: There are different kind of atoms (like Oxygen and Carbon)

    Level 3: is a prototype of the interactions different atoms and electrons will have with one another.

    (There are more levels, but those are the only levels I have worked as of yet)

    I am in the process of forming a team, so far it a 3 person team, we are looking for:

    Sound Designers

    Graphic designers (character design, level design etc)

    Social Media advertisers

    Anyone who joins the team will have an agreed percentage of the net revenue.

    If you are interested, either PM or send an email to empoweringstudiosqkz@gmail (.com)

    Looking forward to your reply,


  • [quote:3sbt6pd1]On the other hand, my apps are educational, I am also studying teaching, and have experienced teachers aiding me in creating apps that cater to the Australian curriculum(these apps are can be used for any curriculum).

    All opinion, but you're going to be faced with a difficult market. I'm not sure how it works in your country but here in the US any sort of contract with a school district is usually big money. Sometimes it happens through an RFP process, sometimes it happens by district vote, sometimes district reps have power to do it. You will most likely not get those apps bought en masse via a school, rather individuals.

    The market for education software is smaller than the market for game software. The market has been growing, but interest is not accelerating, leading me to believe it is either already saturated, or just not as needed. ... ren&cmpt=q

  • skelooth,

    Thanks for the information. However, an education revolution is on the verge of happening, apps and games are the future of education. The link you sent me showed me the search terms like 'educational kids games' have increased by 300%.

    The reason why educational apps will dominate the world in the future are; children can learn at their own pace, if everyone else is ahead of them, they can continue trying to understand what went wrong. Vice versa, educational apps can allow for an accelerated learning path. Teachers/Parnets will begin using analytics to understand which issues children are having with concepts, this will allow teachers to create lesson plans that cater to the level the students are at, on any topic. With photocopied black and white paper, if you get a terrible teacher, you may have no idea what concept he/she is trying to teach, however apps, have a level of rigidity called 'levels' that are designed to educate, empower and increase the knowledge of children with or without a teacher.

    I am not interested in going after public schools to begin with, I am interested in private schools, and I have connections with the second largest private school network in the world. My aims are to find less regulated markets, and markets with more money than public schools. I have what I believe to be a successful short-term and long-term strategy (The strategy will only be shared with partners or people who work with EmpoweringStudios)

    I remember when I was in year 9 in Chemistry I never could understand the concept of cations and anions (more or less negatively charged electrons) my apps teach children in a fun, interactive way concepts that they could have never understood.

    The MyReef app explains complicated ecological and biological concepts that kids can now understand without having to read a text book! If you download my app (remove the space between 'https: '//play....':

    https ://

    Go to level 5 and you will learn all about algal blooms, not only that but if you add too many fish the algae levels decrease (and all the fish will die) and if you don't have enough fish algae levels increase (and all the fish will die). You will notice that you are not left trying to figure out what to do, but it is all narrated so you understand that algae needs to have the perfect balance.

    These apps go above and beyond and kids love playing them! They have been tested in several classrooms.

    I am interested to get into this market before anyone else gets into educational apps, this is an incredibly huge uncatered market. At the moment educational apps are like bitcoin when they were 0.000008 cents a piece. My advice if you are interested in educational app development and you are excited to become part of one of the only studio that creates purely educational apps you should join our team.

    If anyone has any questions, they can post them here, or PM me or email me at empoweringstudioszcd@gmail (.com)

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    Note: Any apps EmpoweringStudio makes have little to no competition, but there is a huge demand for educational apps, especially in the homeschool market.

  • As I said, it may be different in your area of the world or targeted audience. In many parts of the world schooling for children in that target range is socialized. I could see it being very effective in third world countries though as low cost devices come to market there, internationalization might be a good strategy for getting contracts with school systems that are not socialized.

    And yes you do have competition. I know many people with children, and every single one of them has purchased an age appropriate software title on their behalf. I mean heck, we all played oregon trail and where in the world is carmen sandiego growing up among others.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to rain on your parade at all, I think it's a great niche, and I too have done educational software for private companies. I just want to provide you with an alternative perspective that you may or may not be aware of. I wish you all the best all the same

  • skelooth,

    It is always good to hear other peoples opinion and I am grateful for your input. My apps are designed to be social, connect these apps to a smart board/projector and you have an app that allows teachers to use interactive apps to teach kids about the water cycle or anything for that matter.

    I do have competition, but it is minimal. Most of the educational apps are for five year olds. How many apps discuss the water cycle and other topics surrounding water? How many apps discuss biodiversity in a simple and interactive way for kids as young as 6 to understand complicated ecological processes? Educational apps that are designed for kids 6 and up are hard to find. Carmen Sandiego is an example of an amazing game, but can you name any other apps that teaches kids about history, in the depth Carmen Sandiego games went into?

    At the moment education apps are a niche, but in the future they will become mainstream. This is why I am incredibly excited and passionate about educational apps. When I get my teaching degree, I will be using apps to teach kids educational content, that will reinforce what I have explained to them (as a lot of children are visual learners).

    To anyone who is interested, the level of commitment is minimal, I am only asking a few hours a week on working with a visionary and passionate app studio.

    PM or email at empoweringstudiosiui@gmail (.com) for more information, or if you have any questions.

    Looking forward to your reply,


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