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  • Hey everybody. I created all the graphical elements and user flows for a relatively simple hobbyist game. I created a version of it in Unity3d, but that proved to be overkill I think. It will function just as well in flatland and is probably more intuitive that way. So I'd like to find someone who has experience in Construct 2 and can help me port the game over.

    The game mechanics consist of two basis parts:

    1. The first is physics based interaction and Construct's inbuilt physics will make it really easy to implement.

    2. A relatively simple AI decision making state machine. Basically the computer just has to decide an angle at which to apply an impulse force based on a desired destination.

    Implementing a multi-player mode (2 player) is ideal.

    The game will be free, so I'm not looking to pay someone to help me finish it. However, if you know how to implement ads or in app purchases I'm open to you earning your keep that way.

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