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  • Hi! My stage name is Dima EtoEto, I am a composer, sound producer and musician of the spoken word. I produce multi genre music and work mostly with artistic word projects over 5 years. Within 3 years I’ve been earning my money by music. The priority genres are leftfield, downtempo, dreampop, ambient, soundscapes.

    I’m planning to write music for games, videos, films and everything that requires musical accompaniment. I offer you:

    ∽ musical compositions and musical design for games, possibly with the use of FMOD. A wide range of live and synthesized instruments;

    ∽ noise textures, sound effects;

    ∽ recording and design of voices of actors;

    ∽ musical compositions, backgrounds for video, advertising, etc.

    ∽ recording, mixing, mastering for game projects.

    I have made the music for various projects,7 LP, 13 EP, a large number of individual releases, music and sound design for performances, films, audio performances.

    Cooperated as a composer with:

    TedX NevaRiver (RUS)

    Culturafest (FIN)

    Goethe Institute (LVA)

    I toured with my projects throughout Russia, the CIS countries and Europe, played at key music festivals in Russia.

    My compositions were nominated by the medias like and « Rodnoi zvuk».(a popular music internet community in

    I play the synthesizer and string music instruments. I know the program Ableton Live good enough, the basics of programming and also have a higher technical education. I graduated from the courses on sound synthesis, mixing musical soundtracks in «New Tone Academy».

    Demo reel:


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