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  • hello,

    i was not lucky to own a dropbox with a public file, not it's only for PRO paid subscriptions

    does anyone here have a spare one with public folder?

    i can pay for it if you want, i would like to use it for my games and sadly i cant without the public folder.


  • You shouldn't do that. Exporting your games to dropbox is good if you want to test it yourself or with few friends only. If you make your game publicly available for everyone then your db account may start having issue with traffic etc. and may make your db stop working at all for few days.

  • Only old Dropbox accounts also can share their folders for free - so there is no way with a newer one.

    But Dropbox isn't the only cloud storage solution.

    As far as I know you could use the Microsoft Onedrive (works for me) - here it is possible to share folders even with a free account.

    You could also use other services - there are plenty to choose from.

    If you want to share your game - so it could get played - you should think about a free webspace (without commercials), where you upload your game via FTP.

    I think https://www.bitballoon.com/ will work (please let me know)

  • shinkan, yes i only need it for presentation purposes, thanks for the tip tho, we dont want to have traffic issues neither.

    fm4fanAT, yes sadly that's true, that's why i wish to find a person here who have more than 1 old dropbox account that he can spare for me, in exchange i can pay him or give me some of my games that i made.

    personally i prefer dropbox because it's what all the people i know use.

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  • I think with Onedrive you also have no issues with "can I trust this service"

    It's included in ALL Windows 8.1 and W10 machines and so well known - and bonus - it' s better than dropbox (at least for me and my little Microsoft universe).

  • I think https://www.bitballoon.com/ will work (please let me know)

    Bitballoon works perfectly.

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