Dragon Breeding/Pet Game (Programmer looking for teammates)

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  • There is a distinct lack of truly complex and interesting pet sims. I'm talking about something with really in-depth AI and breeding mechanics. Something above the simple browser games like all those different social dragon feeders, mini-game aggregators like Neopets, Tamagotchi, etc. Something more like Chao Garden from the Sonic Adventure series, for anyone that's played those, but even better.

    I think such a project would be a whole lot of fun and very interesting to work on, but it's also a bit too much for a solo programmer I think, so I'm looking for anyone who would also be interested in such an idea. Programmers, artists/animators, anything really; I could probably use all the help I could get. I've already started, and I have plenty outlined in notes, and much more still cooking in my head. I want breeding so players can come up with all kinds of different and unique dragons, based on a simple model of real genetics. But I also want it to be a great pet game, with seemingly individual personalities to every dragon, as well as a realistic simulation of affection, to make them really life-like and truly lovable.

    Hopefully I'm not the only one browsing these forums with such an interest. If you're interested, or have any doubts/questions, feel free to post them here or in pm to me.

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