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  • Hello,

    Sorry for my english i will try to be simple in my explanation.

    If anyone can create a Stripe plugin. (https://stripe.com/)

    For me what will be needed:

    -Create a layer where my user can pay for subscription.

    -My app check every x day/hours if subscription is active or it lock the app.

    I can pay for this plugin but if anyone make it for everyone and sell it on scirra i would be so happy to buy it.

    Thanks !

    Best Regards

    NB: If another solution exist i would be happy to know.

  • Hi Casimir,

    I can surely help you with the same, it would be great if you can ping me on my Skype so that we can discuss it ahead.

    my Skype id: cis.am2


    Anna J

  • Hi Casimir,

    Thanks for your response

    Yes I can surely help you with Stripe. As per my understanding it would take approx 5-6 Days to create a stripe plugin But i would be needing some more details from you. I would appreciate if you could please come on Skype so that we could directly discuss over there. My Skype Id is cis.am2 or please drop me an email with all the details on

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.


    Anna J

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  • Thanks you but is already done.

    Have a nice day !

    Best regards,

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