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  • Hi, I've been going through a couple Construct tutorials. Overall, it's been decent, but I realized I am better off making my pixelated art (I use Gimp to do art) (and probably music) and leaving the programming to the more talented. Anyway, I have some ideas, but one I would like to give a go at is a 2 player co-op side scrolling beat em up ( Double Dragon, Final Fight, Streets of Rage ) mixed with a dose of Parkour ( Mirror's Edge, Vector, Way of the Pixelated Fist ).

    The challenge lies in creating a 2 player split screen. Reason being is it would be rather fun if player 1 decides to let's say enter the front of a building while player 2 decides to enter the back way or take the fire escape.

    As of now, I won't be able to pay, but if completed and ported to multiple devices, no problem splitting any if any profit made. Life is short and you never know what new door will open from opening and walking through this one. If interested or have some constructive ideas/feedback please email me at (Being a new register to forums, not sure I can PM on here.)

    Thanks for anyone's time.

  • E-mail me at staleevolution at g mail dot com

  • email sent

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  • I have experience in this field. As well as in music and sound design.

    Drop me a mail at agaev.vladimir(at)

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