Dire need of some C2 developers [PAID]

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  • I have most of the framework for this game made, and it is mostly functional.

    But in it's current state it isn't fit for public testing/demoing.

    My deadline is about the 10th of June to have this available to the public.

    Main things that need doing:

    Flashing up the game with effects/polish/lighting.

    Cleaning up the current event sheets, even input more efficient ways of doing tasks.

    Having it work/tested for a few devices, namely Chrome/Firefox and possibly export to Android.

    Lastly some smallish busywork that might crop up.

    I'm willing to take on separate people -

    a C2 developer closer to an artist or a C2 developer more centered on programming

    Better yet someone who is fairly competent at both at once.


    Two methods of payment, you can decide which.

    5% of Kickstarter project goal. (the project fund total is (15,000)

    (Will have to wait until the funding is finished)

    The other option is straight forward payment for work, which I am capping at around ?250

    (Obviously a quicker payment than the Kickstarter percentage)

    Both payment types will get name in credits for whatever work done, and a free copy of game when released

    Message me privately with some work to show or simply post in this thread.

    Any questions, post below.

    Please don't hesitate :)


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  • I dig the idea of helping out on cleaning up event sheets & working on effects for you. ATM I still working on learning all the tricks of how this program handles it's tasks(try to read a tutorial a day) so I'm not sure if I'm the guy you want but I really liked your game idea and would love to see it finished.

    I just put together my first game this last week


    and why not here is my event sheet for testing out my enemy movement


    I'm kinda breaking into this whole construct 2 game development coming from action script and flash so I know I still have a lot to try out and learn. But I figure this community seems too helpful not to try and give back.

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