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  • Hello there, I am the manager of a small game studio that specializes in games and various other adult products. One of our top clients (a Multibillion dollar adult company) is looking to branch out into the game industry. Our client wants to open his own portal site full of mini games that would encourage users to upgrade to premium accounts, unlocking more, sexier games and additional features.

    My team is already building games for this site and others that he has planned, however we can not keep up with demand. He has asked that I reach out and see if we could License or purchase already built games to use on his site and to see if I can get teams together to develop new games.

    If anyone is interested, please drop me a line. Thank you!

  • I send you a message, check your inbox

  • I can't respond to any messages My reputation isn't high enough, but if you could please email me!! syndicateofseduction at gmail

  • I'm sure I have included my email address in the message I sent. But anyway, I just threw a mail your way

  • I'm interested. Just a question. Are the games meant to be played on desktop browsers, mobile browsers or both?

  • We have hopes to play the games on tablets, but nothing on the phone. Desktop is for sure one of the main focuses. We do not want to have anything that the user will have to download like an exe file. We want to keep everything online.

  • i've been working in construct for more than 2 years now , you can contact me at

    Skype : Sae2d1Dev

    E-mail :

    ill be more than happy to help

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  • I just sent you an email!

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