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  • You will see my profile Stale Evol and some basic animations for the idea. Contact below.

    Anyway, I'm halfway done with the ninja animations and then I have to get started on the Giants. I'm looking for a programmer who would be interested in doing this game in hopes of releasing it on STEAM and of course, the OUYA. Nothing paid, more for a startup developer team. (By some miracle, it takes off and there is little money made, I have no problem splitting profits, but my main goal is to get this off the ground and maybe lead to new team with future projects).

    Basic Plot:

    -During Tokugawa period, a clan of ninjas fled knowing they are not welcomed in this society. Crossing part of the Northeast Pacific, they stumbled on an island. Their first encounter was with giants and trolls. At first the clan was scared, but soon found out all were friendly. They lived in harmony for almost a century when a mysterious parasite spread throughout the land, affecting the giants and trolls, which in turn made them go crazy. The clan, worried for their friends, took it upon themselves to try and scale the giants and remove every parasite before it's too late.

    -A little bit like Megaman/Metroid (but no where near as lengthy as Metroid) where you will want to find the right path in order to get the appropriate items to scale a specific giant/troll.

    -10 various giants and trolls

    -New items and limited ability upgrades

    -Platforming horizontal and lots of vertical

    Anyway, thanks for looking and if anyone is interested, message me. (Oh, I'm also willing to accept suggestions for improvements on art, story, or basic gameplay, especially if the programmer has to program it.)

    Oh, I already have the sequence laid out as to which giant or place to go to and what item or upgrade the ninja will receive.

    The basic object is to scale or scroll across the giant and get all the parasites off. Various items/methods will be needed. (like collecting and using butterflies). How fun!

    I also have a fun twist on a side-scrolling beat em up, but requires someone who knows how to do split screen. Most of the character art is done for that. I can be reached at staleevolution at gmail

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  • Scir a won't let me post links so just Google plus Ouya Community, not the main Ouya, but the 3,800 member community on Google plus. My animation concepts are like the 2nd-3rd post as of today's date under Stale Evol.

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