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  • Hello Construct 2 community! Please go easy on me as I'm new to the whole hiring an artist thing. I've got this great game, Carnage in Space 2, and I want some great graphics to make it reality.

    As the name suggests, this is my second entry in my Carnage in Space series - I've already released 3 smaller games before now using a simpler game engine.

    I have a fairly large prototype available, which has many of the game's features implemented... but of course it's lacking on level assets.

    I am able to create player and weapon sprites for myself (though I wouldn't mind if you wanted to touch them up!); the biggest thing I'm lacking is level design and especially level graphics.

    But enough of what I'm missing. Here's what I have!

    <font size="6">Carnage in Space II Prototype</font>

    (Works best in Chrome; not tested in other browsers)

    The game in action

    <img src="" border="0">


    I'm hoping to complete this game in something reminiscent of SNES-era graphics - pixellated but not so much that you can't tell what everything is. Basically, something like what I've got right now.


    Up for debate! Take note I'm a poor college student without a full-time job, but I would be willing to work out some compensation for your work.

  • Trying to think of a subtle way to bump the thread but coming up with nothing.

    The position is still open, and again, I am willing to pay for the work!

  • Can you let folks know what kind of budget you're working with?

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  • As I mentioned I'm rather new at this so I don't have a good feel for optimum 'wages'. However, I'd at least be willing to pay around $20-40 for just the first level's assets - around 8-12 small, repeatable objects.

  • Hey-- i can do your project. Am flexable on price.

    kind regards, mark-p.

  • markpouncey

    Awesome! Do you have any examples of past game art (especially pixel art)?

  • > Examples are on projects page at website-- see above.

  • I looked through your website at some of your (un-labeled) links, and all I saw were some basic colored boxes, not pixel art. Can you just show me a few pictures of pixel art you've done (like in my prototype screenshot)?

  • A few set pieces shouldn't be too difficult. Your style is pretty solid on it's own, to be perfectly honest. I just thought I'd show ya a few examples of mine from a practice game I was making:

    If ya wanna see the set pieces individually:

    [Edit]: OH! And I almost forgot. If you needed things like splash screens or logos, check out my deviantart page and see if ya like the style!

  • RandomFellow

    Hey, that looks pretty good! Would you be interested in filling out a list of requests to match the style I've got? Speaking of style, I rather like it too, but my selection of assets is very limited, and those level graphics (which I've replaced) aren't made for side-scrolling.

    The objects I need:

    * Forest background (to replace the blank green one I've got now)

    * Grassy hills (same function as the ones in the screenshot)

    * Tree branch platforms (for suspending in the air; don't really need to be attached to anything)

    * Small water pools/falls

    * Trees and shrubs (like the ones in the screenshot but in a sideview perspective)

    I'll eventually need more robotic enemies, but I want to see if I can find free ones first.

    Would you be willing to fill out that list of requests for $20? If not, what do you think they'd be worth?

  • I was thinking about charging about $5 per sprite or tile, so most of that shouldn't be too difficult. Backgrounds are usually bigger and more in-depth, so I might have to see how detailed you want it before making a decision on that.

    If ya wanna send me some 1-to-1 scale images of the sprites or the player, I can start putting together some mock-ups for ya.

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