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  • Hi,

    First, the deal :


    If you are good at Marketing OR if you have any local contacts with nearby tech savvy schools / educational institutions etc., , then I have several educational apps that you can help me sell. The deal will be to split the revenue on a 25% to you-75% to us basis on whatever revenue* we earn ( very close to the percentage of what leading app stores and educational platforms would charge publishers to get the market reach...I hope this is the most fair and transparent method...). So to put it black and white, if school pays us $10,000, then $2500 will be credited to your paypal account OR you can ask the school to credit $7500 to our account and $2500 to your account..Sounds fair enough?

    * Few packaging options to know about the "Revenue" part - If the school buys the .apk file or .exe file or willing to access the app URLs that I publish on the web, then we get full revenue and hence the 25%-75% split will be applicable on the full revenue. These are the most transparent packaging options (unlike an app on google play/iTunes) that I could think of, financially, for both of us as we both will be involved and know exactly what the school / educational institution is going to pay us.

    We can discuss if you have questions on the deal...If you are interested, then let me move on to what the apps/content is all about and the target market -

    About my apps and the target market


    I ("Actualconcepts") have already built several educational apps, specifically targeted for 4th graders & above till high school level on several topics in Physics and Maths. You can visit the website for more details...

    Most of the apps are already hosted in leading market stores like iOS, Android and Windows 8.1 . I can as well package them as .apk files, .exe files (using node-webkit) or just share the app URL's ( hosted from our website) for each App.

    Here are the links to each of these ( This list is just to give you an marketing information of where the apps are hosted etc., But we will package them as .apk, .exe or host app url's for the school, as I have written above) -

    1. iPad apps - ... d693234511

    2. Google play apps - ... lemachines ( you can scroll below and check out "More from this developer"). We can give a .apk file for each of the apps here so that the school can distribute using a MDM software or something similar for distribution on android tablets...

    3. Windows 8.1 ... fe69665f2d ( you can check out more apps from actualconcepts and related apps sections for a list of apps)

    Currently most of my apps are priced at $3.0 per app unit. I am quite flexible to change this pricing depending on the deal size, number of students, packaging options etc.,

    Please PM me / send me an email - if you are interested.

    I am also open and flexible to hear your thoughts on packaging and do get back if you think we can make a sale.



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  • Honestly I think 75% is really too much for what you offer! FGL takes 10% for a million time better service! Also most of the Appstores don't take fees that high!

    EDIT: Uuuuups sorry, i got something wrong here. It are YOUR apps that should be sold by us. Then this is a fair rate I guess

  • Hi,

    Yes, they are my apps which are already built, that should be sold by people who are interested...Only the sales part...



  • I edited the post to replace some confusing "us", "we" with "I" "me"...Hope it reads better now...

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