Dark Sun Ship AI Additions [C2]

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  • Hey, guys.

    Looking for someone to share enemy ship AI done in Construct 2 for a percentage in a nearly completed game.

    I actually took Pre-Calculus again at 40 for ship pathing which was unbelievably fun (and way better than my original high school class), but I'm sort of running out of time and money here for a late summer launch this year, so looking for someone to share said AI (which he/she owns) with some or all of the following characteristics:

    1) Seamlessly spawn ships on a grid basis (dividing the screen into specific spawn blocks based on enemy sprite size, something I could easily modify).

    2) Keep track of what's spawned and where based on the grid (simple arrays) and introduce some randomness to have some empty blocks occasionally.

    3) Seamlessly switch between random ship spawning and more complex spawning - specific squads of specific shape (v formations, etc.), mixed with random. Squads typically of size 3, just with built in code for varying ship position in the squad a bit.

    4) Utilize the built in code in C2 for Galaga style chains. Code should be sophisticated leaving space on the spawn grid between other ships, so it does not look like everything is overlapping.

    5) Utilize the built in C2 turret behavior for some ships. Basically would like some of the ships to randomly engage in turret behavior where instead of just flying straight, they start to aim at the player and maybe occasionally move closer to the player (this would be great for squads, groups of 3 also, where 3 of the ships aim in unison).

    6) Have ships possibly do more complex maneuvers (again pre-calc), like parabolas, etc., with sophisticated spawn, meaning basically, when the ships spawn, there is enough room, so the ship making the complex maneuver does not overlap with other spawned ships.

    7) This is an infinite RPG space shooter with significant 3D full screen cut scenes, a very high end production done over many years, multiple team members, high end riggers from Dreamworks, great multiple composer original music (to which I own all the rights). As such all ships travel down from the top of the screen with bullet behavior before disappearing on bottom (unless shot), but you can go in any direction for eternity with radar, which is already done.

    8) I can't really show anything prior to launch, which would be on Google Play/Android. Already tested on my cheap phone. Resolution is 1920 x 1080. You can see some of the description of the 3rd phase/assets, the MMORPG, at http://www.darksunpictures.com, but the plan is RPG mobile spaceshooter first, then the first RPG/PvP 3D multiplayer map for PC/consoles done in one of the newer 3D engines, then a full 3D world, then scaling up to an MMORPG.

    In terms of sharing/demonstration, you could send me a You Tube private or public link.

    I could do all of the above, just wanted to possibly squeeze for a late summer launch this year.

    Depending on what you have already, I could share between 1-5% of gross revenue of the game for eternity, contractually. I only gave out 1% to one of the composers, smart move on their part, so 99% of the points in the game are still available.

    Your share would also apply to all future upgrades/releases of this version of the game on mobiles, PC, and consoles as XBox Live support is coming to C2 (not including any future phases like the 1st multiplayer map in 3D, MMORPG, etc., which would be separate projects, utilizing many of the same assets, design, and music).

    Timeline for this may be extended, just looking for a package, as complete as possible.

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